The Bowerbird Story

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Meet Our Founder

Hi I’m Kerry, just an average chick who loves fashion and anything unique and individual and I’m honoured to bring you Bowerbird Fashion.

I spent most of my life trying to fit in with the crowd.. on an extreme budget (you can read the full back story here…) but now I love being true to myself and wearing what makes me feel good and reflects my personality. I am addicted to op shops and flea markets and will buy anything that screams out to me .. and… Yes! even now that money is no issue and I could wear whatever I like..

These days, whenever I leave the house… something I’ve noticed is that I could be wearing the most up to date $250 pair of jeans teamed with an ‘on trend’ top from a well known label … THEN I throw on a vintage jacket I scored for $15.00 at the Op Shop…. THE JACKET will be the thing that everyone notices & comments on!

Then, when I think about it… ALL of my favourite things in my wardrobe… and the things I get the most compliments on are from second hand stores or flea markets or garage sales.

I’ve been obsessed with pre-loved fashion for over 25 years! And today, with the era of fast fashion well and truly underway I feel that I’m actually doing the world a favour by wearing second hand clothing that would otherwise end up in landfill.

I love dressing my friends and family.. I love pretty things... I love suede, tassels, crochet, ripped denim, natural materials, paisley, leather, jewels, crystals BUT I also love aztec and tribal prints, mismatched retro colours, the 90's, the 60's and the NOW.. Throw in a few timeless pieces, a bit of exotic bling and that pretty much sums up my wardrobe...

Bowerbird_Fashion is all of these things... just like a bowerbird collecting treasures.... thats me... hunting down clothing and accessories that scream out to me, fixing any faults, ironing them, polishing them... blessing them and placing them lovingly in my store.

I take great care in selecting items for my store..

Everything in our store is from a boutique or brand name, designer label or one of a kind vintage find. You won’t find any cheap, mass produced disposable clothing items from Target, Best & Less or Kmart on our racks and we ONLY sell items that have plenty of life left in them.. in fact, you will find hundreds of items still with tags attached!

I have been watching fashion trends for more than half my life and I worked in ladies clothing for 12 years so I just know when I’m in an Op Shop whether something is of current value. I know my brands, I know my fabrics, I know my cuts and I know what women like!

Buying & reselling second hand clothes on Ebay has been an “on again” “off again” hobby for many years and I always dreamed of making it a full time job.

Ok, now, in order for me to stop waffling on… lets fast forward to some point late in 2019, without ever making a conscious decision to do so… I became completely obsessed with buying wonderful clothes.. I didn’t care if they fit me or not! I surrounded myself with beautiful prints, textured fabrics, vintage & retro prints, suede & tassels mixed with modern day essentials like denim and everyday basics.. oh, and a whole pile of killer active wear… and it made me so happy!

Within a couple of months I had filled my entire garage! I started putting ads on Facebook Marketplace and listing the high end stuff on Ebay.. I was making lots of sales and women were coming back again and again to my little store in my garage because they loved the style of clothes I was choosing.


In February 2020, when things started getting a bit cramped in my garage I decided that I was finally going to take a massive leap of faith and open Bowerbird Fashion!

Plans have been delayed somewhat with everything that has been going on with the Coronavirus Pandemic but finally… I am pleased to announce we will be opening our doors on 1 July 2020.

Let the fashion parade begin!

XX Kerry

p.s If you want to hear the full story of how Bowerbird Fashion came to be.. I’ve poured my little heart out in a blog article here..